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Gunung Talang

Talang's expedition...

Hai guys,i would like to share to all of you about Talang's expedition.Today my destination is Gunung Talang which is situated in Solok.This mountain is a volcanic mountain and still active.The height of this great mountain is about 2690m and it is taller than Gunung Tahan,Malaysia...

Tall and volcanic some more.And i love it.This is the second time im hiking mountains.Wanna see the Talang's picture.Here the pictures....

Gunung Talang.

Ayo mendaki..sorry gambar x jelas..


We went there during night,if im not mistaken around 10.30pm.We reached there by 12.15am.
As we reach there,the weather was very cold and i started shivering.haha.Damn cold.So before we started our journey,we checked our members.12 of us including 2 indonesian locals.We did final check for the important stuff like torchlight,our tents,water and so on.We started to wear our sweaters because it was freaking cold.

this is our FK.We gathered here before leaving.

our beloved FK..

We had a short briefing and pray by our leader.Then we started our expedition.12.30 sharp.Other members wearing shoes but i and ismail only wearing sandals.Style huh?haha.whatever.So after 2 hours hiking,we reached our first checkpoint which is a small area.We decided to have some sleep here.So we started to set up out tents and had a little campfire.But unfotunately,all the woods are wet.Aduhai malang.So i used some minyak tanah brought and burned all the woods left,But im not sleeping that night.We altogether chatting ang gossiping also..haha.

mari mengumpat sambil makan maggi!haha.

kayu basah.thats why kena guna minyak tanah.

That night was very cold.i cant even open my stockins and i sat nearer to the fire.It makes me feel better.
Then after Subuh around 7 am,we started our journey again.Okay this time our journey is very tough and dangerous.

Di kala Subuh aku menggigil...shivering...

kemas dulu sebelum blah...

peaceful morning...

Kami bergerak dalam satu barisan panjang and tak bole putus sebab faktor-faktor keselamatan.
A lot of trees and flowers we found.Very nice and very amazing.They can survive in such cold condition..For example this tree,

pelik tapi benar..

pokok gunung...


embun pagi...cute isnt it?

semak samun gunung...

pacat and lintah.the creatures i hate the most!

After 3 hours our expedition we reached some rocky routes and by that time i realised that im small enough....
And it was very scary.

hoho scary...

nak scary lagi?amek ni...

rendah je kot...

And i saw a great God's creation here...awesome!!!

im in a plane...haha.the fact is im at a top of a mountain.

The expedition was really tough and very tiring...we stopped so many times..haha.

And we reached a place which is full of sulphur odour..urgh bad smell..but the place is really nice.

huh terrible smell! asap2 sulfur...

This is the sulphur i in colour,terrible smell.

Finally,we reached our destination.The top of Gunung Talang.Yeah we make it.Alhamdullilah.

all the trees died because of the eruption.they became "hangus" a few years ago.

kawah gunung berapi...

yang ade bendera Malaysia tu puncaknya,,bukan bendera kelantan.haha.

So we now at 3400m above sea level.Mist and sulphur gas are everywhere.We felt very 'gayat' to walk around the rock because the road is too small and ravines everywhere..

thats me...hehe.

Now its time for us to prove our capability as Malaysians,haha.

3400meters above sea level.1 Malaysia!Malaysia boleh!

belakang aku ade gaung!!!

posing style lain lak...

And this is my picture,the most style one.haha

Aku anak Malaysia!

Finally,satu lagi gamba yang agak style..

This expedition gives us 1001 experiences and memories..capek tapi berbaloi..worth it. time aku buat lagi..bye..

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