Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Kapal oh kapal...

Okay now i would like to share to all of you about my dream which is to become a ship's captain.
But unfotunately im a medical student now.cehh..but ade hikmahnya..aku pasrah :)

Sailing around the world is an awesome job.i wanna be like my father which is an ex ship's captain.haha.
Captain Mohamed Sufee Al-Qasasy.a long name actually.He was sailing around the world except for only two places,guess what?

Of course Antartika and North Pole!He was sailing as young as 19 years old..if im not mistaken,,adei.He is my idola.My father keep on story to me about his previous experiences in the sea and im very interested with his story.So i keep on trying to learn about seas and ships.Banyak buku yg aku dah 'study' pasal ships and seas before aku buat medic.

sejuk!!! xde kapal nak lalu sini okay...

The fact is,i love sea very much!i love ships!Aku banyak tahu tentang semua jenis kapal n wat so ever,
I can explain to you about ships.all kind of ships in this world.From the largest.....and the smallest.Dalam lappy aku banyak picture of ships and so on.Plus im from the chances for me to be a captain is very3 bright.A merchant's ship okay.Not a war ship.i hate to be a soldier or a military officer.i would like to join MISC.Not Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

My dream academy is ALAM.for those yang xtahu ALAM meh sini aku nak cete.

Guys,this is ALAM.Or full name,Akademi Laut Malaysia.

Ayah aku first batch yang masuk ke sini.By that time,MISC baru je nak develop.So they opened ALAM 33 years ago..A lot of my friends went here.Its a tradition for us Old Putera to further our studies here.

kalau tak aku dah jadi macam ni dah :)

Many of us said that women cant be perfect officers.But it is wrong.jeng3...hehehe.

Malaysia boleh!wanita juga boleh! :)

Okay proceed to the next story.Study here is not a big problem.Its fully sponsored by MISC.Each of us before study here,there are some shipping company will 'cop' us as their asset,I mean like their future officer la.Kalau aku xsilap tuition fee for this academy is only RM77000 only.All sponsored by MISC or other companies like EVERGREEN,HAPAG-LOYD,MAERSK and so on.

Now u wanna know bout the salary?I wanna tell you that the salary of a third class officer here is more expensive than a doctor.Of course.Starting salary is bout RM6000.The best part is your age during your graduation day is only 21 years old.You will be given an international license of all kind of ships except kapal pelancong or cruise ship.And when you reached Captain's position...the salary is RM50000.for MISC only.for other companies might be high.maybe can reach 150k n so on..

Ni ha bg sape2 yang jarang tgok kapal ni aku bole tunjuk.These are the ships that i can 'drive' if i study in ALAM...hahaha.

Bunga Kasturi Enam.A tanker ship.can be more than 400 meters long.

Puteri Firus Satu.A LNG ship.can be more than 250 meters long.

Bunga Seroja Satu.A cargo father used to work with this kind of ship.can be more than 300 meters long.

A bulk carrier.banyak kren2 kat atas kapal ni...can be more than 250 meters long.

ni mcm abang pada cargo ship.Dry cargo carrier.can be more than 275 meters long.

These are all merchant ships.I love merchant ships more than other ships.haha.whatever.
I wanna show you the biggest ship in the world.Im not sure whether you know it but this ship is taller than KLCC.Its name is Jahre Viking.Memeng aku salute orang yang buat kapal ni.Japan Made.It is 458 meters long.Let me give you a comparison.

3 padang bola kot besarnyer...

gempak kan?nway KLCC listed as among highest building in the world.

Okay la guys now i wanna story to you about cruise ships.Tahu x cete Titanic?Mesti sume orang tahu.
Sad story kan...hhua.Aku minat sangat cete tuh :(

far across the distance and spaces between us :)

Exactly I know the true story about titanic.Why it sunk and so on.The biggest mistake was on the propeller.And the White Star Liner mistakes.

romantic <3!

And now i wanna show you my drawing.Simple, just using microsoft paint.

And this is the actual picture i copied...

saje-saje paint only.

Cruise ships are nice.I know most of the cruise ships in this world.The winners are Oasis Of The Seas and Queen Mary.


besar giler!

dalam kapal ade taman :)


can she beat oasis??

ni ha satu lagi....

i wish this will be my lecture hall :D

Hampir lupa..adela sikit bout warships here...

wow!brave enough??

kecik-kecik cili padi...
this ship has torpedoes and rockets and can reach for some distance for careful bebeh.salute NAVY!

And lastly.xlupa pada kapal yang sering dilupakan.....

Pulau Pinang...or glamour name,,Penang...
Aku pernah naik sekali jer masa lawat kakak aku kat MRSM.hahaha.

Tapi bila dah bergelar medic student ni my job is only to study bout medicine only.And the thing that i can only handle is....

or more advanced....

okay guys i hope you all enjoyed my blog..mohon salah silap kalau terkasar or terkutuk...
But the thing is i really love ships and seas :)
next time aku update lagi ea...bye2.

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  1. You will be given an international license of all kind of ships except kapal pelancong or cruise ship.

    salah tu....the licence is valid for all seagoing vessel, including cruise ship... the exception is for Naval is not classed under STCW ,Marpol, IMO or any convention.