Selasa, 22 Januari 2013



Asslamualaikum and good morning. So today is about my birthday. Act its not today but a long time ago..
so for my  birthday last year i thought nobody will celebrate my birthday because all my friends were busy with exams so that they have no time to celebrate anyone's birthday. Even it was a simple celebration but i appreciate it very much. Thanks guys.

First of all they got no cake to celebrate. So they decided to make it as suprise. That time we were celebrating Hari Raya Aildilfitri. That time my friend Azuan prepared some dishes so that we can celebrate together because that time we were in Padang and didnt go back to Malaysia.


some of my batchmates and my junior.

I thought it was okay then some of my friends came to me bring small sliced cake
Although it was a very simple cake but i really happy because some of them still have effort to celebrate my birthday even with one candle and few slices of cake :)

me and my big brother Suppiah Anarsalam

birthday boy.


cut the cake :)

My friend Azuan and I.

I was shocked with the suprise and really happy for this suprise :)

Somemore they prank me with some kind of flour and it was exciting ;P

thumbs up.

and for now i have to clean myself for one hour! haha watch out shampoo and soap!

Okay thats all. Thank you.

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