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Assalamualaikum, today i'd like to share about my past experience about self confidence training in Lenggong Perak. That time i was 16 years old and i was studying at RMC. so we had some activities during school holiday break. students from others school went back but for RMC students, we got something much more important than holidays.

I don't actually remember for how many days we were there.i think maybe 3 days or more. It was a great moment for us one squad that time.we altogether form 4 students went there and. Act we have 8 companies which is Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel. For those who are in army you guys know this terms all, right?

we are from dash 5 dorm.

some members of my squad...

we altogether one squad board the same bus.

Act that time i was excited and also felt nervous because these activities will actually 'test' my bravery and my mental. KL journey to Lenggong took time for about 7 hours. That was a very long and cold journey.

i can stil feel the coldness in the bus this time...

If im not mistaken we arrived around 9pm that night at Lenggong. the signboard clearly said that welcome to recreational area of lenggong. So we as military student that night prepare ourself with short briefing about the activities we are going to do in the next day.

So that night we slept in the hostel they provide for us,So the next day, we had some kind of self confidence training. they let you go in the river and you need to swim for about 1km.

it was really hard for me coz i cant swim that time. i dont even know how to float myself. it was so terrible and some of my friend also has drifted away from us and they used a boat to catch him.hahaha so funny and scared also.

in front of our hostel

during i was 16 years old.

perak river.

some of my fox squad

our home made raft

the classic one.

so many activities such as flying fox, we learn to make our own made raft and it was quite interesting coz i learned to be creative. we made our own raft by using tire tubes and bamboos.

it was very exciting and my group won the second place.its okay because the first group was cheating. that time werent enough paddles for us. besides our members were too many and we cant make it.

the other activity i like is flying fox. of course this is my first experience and i hope i can enjoy it.

some of my batchmates.

my lovely fox squad

happy face 

i can still remember the condition of the river. so scary and so many rocks on the river. this means if you fall it can be a bad disaster.

no mama and no papa with you that time. they will scold you they will treat you badly so that you are brave to face anything. I dun actually remember coz it was 5 years ago but i can still remember the bad things we have face together as a squad.

This time we were junior. So they trained us hardly because we are still can consider as 'fresh meat' that time. So what to do. We cant say no or what and we just follow the rule.

The only thing we must know is that our school has spent so many money on us. We know the money also our parents money so we dont want to waste this opportunity.it comes once and if you fail to grab it then you are a loser. But its good because it makes you to work harder than before the first trial.

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